Fleet Standards

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The following Fleet Standards represent a test by which a pilot can determine if a fleet is HMA-Compliant. Any fleets that meet these standards are considered to be HMA Fleets. If you have any questions as to whether your fleet or the fleet you wish to join is HMA-Compliant, feel free to check in with us on our Discord.

Anyone can run a fleet.

Although it is recommended that you pass control to a senior bosmang on request, everyone is encouraged to take their hand at running a fleet. However, any fleet that fails to adhere to these standards could be consider unauthorized and subject to standard sanctions.

Clear Rules.

Any variation with the standard Fleet Rules needs to be defined in the Fleet MotD. For example, if your fleet has a no-ganking policy that should be clearly spelled out to prevent incidents.

Fleets should be free.

With few exceptions, an HMA Fleet should be free to participate in. A standard exception would be in the case of privately owned mining structures. In those cases, the owner of the structure may request a reasonable fee to cover the cost of providing moon ore. Failure to respect that requirement could be grounds for removal from fleet as violation of Rule #4.

No Advertising Competing Organizations.

Hopefully, this is fairly obvious. You should not be advertising for any competing organizations. You are, of course, welcome to advertise your corporation or alliance as the sponsor of your fleet. To clarify, a competing organization is considered to be any in-game or out-of-game group whose primary purpose is to coordinate public activities. Links to corp ads, corp websites, discords, or recruitment channels whose primary purpose is to build internal membership is acceptable.

Combine Fleets, when practical.

Ideally, there should only be one HMA Public Fleet for any particular activity. Consider using additional wings and squads to break larger fleets into smaller groups.

Fleet comes first.

HMA Fleets are strict NPSI. While a member of the fleet, you should be immune to aggression from other fleet members. Likewise, anyone outside of the fleet should be considered fair game. To clarify, you are not expected to shoot at any pilots who are blue to you. Likewise, you are expected not to engage fellow fleet members excepting in violation of fleet rules.

Fleets should be clearly identifiable and accessible.

HMA Fleets should clearly be HMA Fleets. Minimum requirements include referring to the HMA or Hek Mining Association in the fleet name as well as linking the Hek Mining Association in-game channel in the Fleet Description, the MotD, or both (ideally). Public Fleets should also be accessible to all excepting those with negative standings due to known aggression. For an example of proper fleet set-up, click here.